Holiday – a window to the future or a mirage?

We are just back from a week’s holiday in the North of Italy. So great a trip was it that we would consider moving there – skiing in Winter, sun in summer, great food and even well behaved drivers.

But is holidaying very different from real life?

Our holiday was great-  6 nights at a great family hotel complete with toys for the kids, pool, playpark and surrounded by vinyards, orchards and and the stunning alps rising up from Lake Garda. Followed by 1 night and two days in Venice. Marvellous overall!

It was the four of us and the Ladies parents, sister, brother in law and kid (a few months older than the Little Lady) which made things… interesting shall.I say and car hire problems  (Thanks firefly for debiting my account by over €4000 for no reason whatsoever which I got back but still!)

I am also between jobs and really just enjoyed not having any professional baggage with me. So it was really relaxing to just spend a week in a new place. New and exciting and pleasant.  These things we would like all year round and not just for a week or two.

My thinking is that we appreciate difference in life – the novelty of it all and being someplace new means you get it in bucketloads.

So, if we moved to the area where the Alps meets the plains – would we be happier?

Certainly the prospect of having skiing on your doorstep and the choice of so much to do year round is attractive but the little things what bug us all will creep in at some point – angry locals, the rain, the queues at the shops, the stupid tourists and all that.

Another idea is that it’s fine to holiday for a week somewhere. I even took the Little Lady out on a bike ride – she was in the baby seat – that was precious to me (she didnt like it that much but there’s time yet). Doing something for a short time for leisure must be different than doing something full time for real.

What would we do all day? Get a job with Italians? I could get a job maybe in Milan – I have been a few times for work and find the Italians a funny bunch. Both extremely professional (and exceptionally well dressed) and also chaotically disorganised! It would be a test of my patience working there.

There’s always the route of opening a business there – b&b or a bar selling shit food washed down by the worst of british lager and showing sky sports non stop.

I don’t want to do that – so my question is really “can you really make a 7 day holiday last the rest of your life?”

Answers on a postcard

Thanks, GFF

landscape photo of riverand pine trees
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  1. An interesting thought experiment GFF.

    I’ll turn it around. Where do the Italians living at the base of the Alps near Lake Garda dream of living when they retire or win the lottery?

    I bet more than a few would nominate someplace else. Grass is always greener. No matter how fast or far we roam, we can’t run away from ourselves!

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    1. Thinking about this a bit more; the Italians seem to retire in Italy. They seem on thw whole happy with life and don’t dream of escaping from ol’ blighty.

      What I did notice was that few if the tourists we met or that I eavesdropped on had been holidaying there for years.
      In one case patrons of a restaurant we had been at had been coming back for 33 years on their annual holiday for 3 weeks in Spetember (no kids I guess) from Stuttgart.

      Maybe the best approach is to be happy where you are but have a little of what excites or pleases you every so often.


  2. “Maybe the best approach is to be happy where you are but have a little of what excites or pleases you every so often.”


    Too much of a good thing and then that good thing becomes the norm and then what?

    I fully intend to retire in dear old Blighty to live out my ‘norm’ (albeit a happy one) so that I can moan about the weather and so that I can look forward to escaping said weather for something different and exciting!


    1. avid readers will have picked up that I am not living where I am from and a recent trip back there has left me feeling like I can’t easily go back. Also the Lady is from foreign parts too and is not at all nostalgic for hr roots. 🙂

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  3. I do think there are many different types of holidays – while some are places you love to visit others are places you’d love to live. I’m also a great fan of Italy – and could happily see myself spending a lot of time there.


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