Quitting my job to get back to my first love… Money

Aover 3 years doing something new, I’m back to doing something that I’ve done before. Good to be going back? I don’t know, but the money is a whole lot better.

Money isn’t everything but this change has the added bonus of less travel, more career prospects and better money. I would have preferred 3-days a week but that was rejected and I’m happy to be moving on.

New job, new company, new people – same old me. 6 months at this working full tilt will pay more than a year in the old job. What’s not to like?

The grass is greener… I hope. Maybe the work-life balance is actually a triangle with work-life-money in it. I’m not saying that money is on top – but it’s got to be part of the solution. And doing a stint in a better paid job is a good way to boost our savings (even if it does mean our time become more important and we have to spend more for convenience – like washer-dryer.

I’ll keep you all posted.

Thanks, GFF


    1. the money thing is a bit tongue in cheek but I’ve seen enough workplaces to know where’s a nice place to work and where’s not.
      My current job involves me working with a number of our offices in glamorous capital cities and small Scottish towns to know that the grass may well be greener (and coffee better) on the other side.

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