Just hit send all

Couldn’t reach my boss either face to face or by phone or skype.

Further to recent developments I’ve decided to leave my current employer. New job is in the offing.

I originally wanted to quit face to face but I’ve been travelling, he’s been travelling and I already found another job so need to move on from this one and I can’t wait around forever.

One funny thing is that I’ve spent most of this day trying to get his attention but never managed to get in touch with him – but when I have been slacking off, I’ve always thought he was checking when I was on skype in the morning (08:00 on the dot or 08:34 – and not sending emails?)

It still feels really bad to quit – give up – let them go – jack it in – hand in my notice – burn my bridges – leave the sinking ship – tell them to f*** off – part ways – walk out – give notice – aufwiedersehen and good bye.

But that’s the ways it’s gone.

Personally, I think that I’m leaving at a really bad time for the company but in reality, I am not going to be paid to worry about that anymore.

Wish me luck, GFF


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