Exit Strategy: Is it best to quit your job face to face?

I’m in my other office today in expectation that my Mr Manager would be in and I could have a heart-to-heart with him and hand in my notice. But Mr Manager has worked from home today and I won’t see him for a week. What to do???

I did think about this to some time ago – 50 Ways to Leave your Employer – but I didn’t think too much about how to do it – face to face that’s got to be best right? It just doesn’t seem right to do it any other way, like it’s the coward’s way out.

Sure, I could just ghost now – not show up – maybe do a bit of late Summer sunbathing. The fact is that nobody would notice (probably) and what if they do (I’m going to quit anyway). The motivation to work hard dissipates quickly once you decide to stop working – the great unwind it can be called. If you are lucky you can get paid for years whilst you’ve mentally given up the office ghost – in my case it’s 4 weeks notice.

But I’m now left with a very serious problem that I need to decide on what to do. I wanted to resign face to face and to discuss first hand what the plan to leave is and the handover. I have not much loyalty to the company but I do have a sense of duty to my clients, customers, projects and colleagues. I have first of all decided to leave. That’s another story altogether but it stems from a couple of key factors:

  1. the travel is not good
  2. the company has low worker morale
  3. my request to go 3-days a week was rejected
  4. the Lady is going back to work in October after mat. leave
  5. Other employment options look rosey
  6. I could probably get a significant payrise by jumping ship and going contract

Main of all is that I decided it would be ok. If there is a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) there must be a Fear of Losing Your Job – FLOYOJO! I got over that and now I want to leave.

We all love When Harry Met Sally (and my version is When GFFarry Met Salary) which says “because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible”. I have a bit of that going on (and a bit of I’ll have what she’s having).

But should I really resign by Skype or worse… email!

It’s complicated by the fact that I am away for business Monday – Tuesday next week and at a conference Wednesday – Thursday that my boss won’t be able to attend.

I’d rather do it face-to-face but maybe I can just kick the can down the road a bit. I’ve got an interview tomorrow (during work hours I should add) for a job that I would take – they expect some notice period of course. I would be able to interview for that, get an offer and resign face to face when I see my boss again.

So what do you think? Quit now into the great unknown?

Wait it out until my options become clearer?

Your input is appreciated. Thanks, GFF

P.S. I’ve decided that whilst Early Retirement might be an option, we are not quite FI and you could say that I’m now looking at One More Year – hey, the greats have done it, so why shouldn’t I?



  1. Isn’t video skype pretty much face to face, or do you not have video?

    If it was me, I would phone and start off by saying that I’d like to speak to him face to face, if that was possible. If he was a decent manager, I would expect him to come into the office to talk properly. If not, then what I have to say can’t wait a week.

    Unless you do want to just end it with an email, I’m not sure of your relationship with your boss although I see that you don’t list him as one of your reasons to leave.

    Good luck for the interview anyway!


    1. relationship is good with my boss – but he travels a lot and his commute is around an hour into the office – no surprise he wants to work from home.
      What’s annoying is that I came in for 07:30 (left the house at 06:15) to join meetings he was in and my plan was to talk to him now – that’s not an option though.
      there’s always tomorrow after the interview…

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  2. I’d sent an email saying something like, “I have something that I would like to discuss in person, when would the earliest possible opportunity be?”. If the response isn’t within the time frame you need/want, then go with phone/Skype. I’ve worked with others that have just handed a letter/email to HR. Depends on the situation.


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