How Mental is LinkedIn?

Is LinkedIn as fake as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook?

I’d say it’s even worse!

Chances are you are a member of LinkedIn; you may not remember when you joined or why – but you’re on there. You’ve maybe even got a profile and you updated it when you were looking to job hop. You might even look at it when you’re not job hunting.

But some people seem to live on it and post incessantly. And it’s all so very fake!

I am yet to see anyone lay into their shitty employer or admit that they are not all giving 100% effort 110% of the time. How is it possible to have the motivation and narcissism that I see popping up anytime I go online.

Don’t these people have anything better to do with their time?

I for one don’t post often and soon realised that like many social media outlets it’s essentially a waste of time and of not much use. I mainly use LinkedIn to (GDPR compliantly) hunt and stalk people for work – that’s why it’s there I think – for sales people to target you!

However, it seems like it’s become a viscous cycle of narcissistic careerism. You define yourself by your job and how you are super motivated to do it. It all stinks of bullshit to me. Maybe I’m a cynic and maybe I’m not naive enough to fool myself into caring too much about career.

Do these people not come in on a Friday morning and before they’ve had their third coffee not lift their heads, smile or talk to anyone like the rest of us?

Have you noticed the same? I don’t do Instagram but the people who post most on Facebook have the least going on in their lives. Social Media makes you feel bad overall – it’s not good for you. LinkedIn maybe just makes you feel like you should be passionate (that word is a little over used don’t you think?) 24/7 and if you are not, then you must be a loser because work = life and if you don’t love work then is something wrong with you.

Thanks, GFF


  1. Despite having had an account since 2005, I’ve never used it much, but I know people who do use/have used it a lot and they have really advanced in their careers because of it. It’s just another tool to use when looking for work, I guess, although I do get a lot of random men trying to connect with me whose jobs have nothing in relation to mine or the industry I work in.

    I use it to keep in touch with ex-colleagues who I didn’t want to add to my FB. However, I don’t read much into what people post – all that ‘passion’ just goes over my head and doesn’t bother me, or make me feel bad or inferior.

    “I am yet to see anyone lay into their shitty employer ”

    Glassdoor is where you do this (anonymously), not LinkedIn!

    For example one Glassdoor review for a challenger bank simply says “If you enjoy being bullied and harrassed, then you should definitely join XXXX”!

    Check out what Glassdoor says about your employer!


  2. Agree with every word! Left LinkedIn in 2015 – I found it annoyingly “American” in how everyone treated work. Deleted my Twitter account 2014. Use Facebook sparingly. Don’t have an Instagram account. I use the Internet a lot – social media not so much – mostly a waste of time I’ve found! Now, some of the financial independence blogs – well they’re time well spent 🙂

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  3. I know a guy on LinkedIn who posts as Copier Warrior. It’s a sales technique pitch and he’s got quite a following. But mostly it’s social media site for sales people, marketers and recruiters.


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