Green Money: Greencoat UK Wind: Share offer SUCCESS!

Following on from two previous posts (1) (2) I’m glad to say that I was able to secure 100% of what I applied for.

Reading a bit about what DIY Investor UK has to say about green investing, I thought I would write about a pet favourite of mine. It’s one thing to say you think people should do more to be more sustainable – money talks.

The recent capital raising was fully funded and £375m was raised. Making the total value of UKW over £2 billion. That’s quite a value.

The money is already being put to good use; UKW acquired 75% of the Tom nan Clach wind farm from Belltown Power for £126m. The Tom nan Clach windfarm has an almost 40 MW connection capacity – roughly enough for 20,000 kettles when the wind blows!

Belltown Power

Looking into Belltown Power’s website it seems that they are an interesting company who are engaged in renewable energy developments. These include onshore wind, solar and hydroelectric.

The Belltown Power development process

Belltown are a fully integrated renewable energy power company with over 200 MW of renewable energy generation (that’s a lot of kettles!). Their process is as above and by acting as developer they take the risks to make the developments happen. Once their projects become a reality they can then sell them on for a premium to the risk adverse investor (like me). That money can then use recycled into the front end of their funnel.

I’m sure that since some of my money has made it to them, it will allow them to pursue new opportunities. This is an example of how you can use your money for good.

What my holding means

The holding should give us a nice dividend of 1.735p per share every quarter. Based on the purchase price of 133p that’s a yield of 5.2%. That dividend will rise with inflation and it’s a good foundation as part of our Ready, Aim, FIRE plan.

This is a buy and hold investment and I look forward to the passive income for many years to come.

Thanks, GFF

*Please note that I am not connected to Belltown Power at all – but if they want to offer me a job, I would consider it.


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