Green Money: Greencoat UK Wind: Share offer – update

Following on from this post, I’m still awaiting news of if I’ve been successful or not in the share issuance programme.

Part of me was a little worried that I’d not heard anything back – after all, I had just sent a lot of money to a bank account and had had no feedback on whether they’ve received my money or if I was successful or not. So I gave Signal Shares a call to find out more. What I was told was that the shares should be issued around the 10th of June after the placing closed on the 30th of May. So another few days of waiting. I checked the bank details and hopefully I’ve not funded a Nigerian 412 scam like my Mum almost did!

The overall placing was able to raise £375 million for Greencoat Wind which means that it was fully subscribed. Hopefully my top-up was successful, I’ll wait and see. If you look at the top shareholders, the company is owned by a range of investment companies;  with Newton Investment Management owning almost 9%, Investec having just shy of 6%, L&G, Fidelity, Insight, Rathbone, Baillie Gifford and Aviva own together around 25%.

UKW shareholders
top 10 shareholders in UKW as of 03/05/2019

These are big investment companies who manage millions of peoples investments. So the chances are that your pension is invested with UKW whether you know it (or like it) or not.

There are perils of investing direct in individual companies and of thinking that you are a star stock pickers (like the infallible Neil Woodford). My rationale in investing is that UKW is low risk, has a predictable series of returns to bridge me over the next 20 years and matches with my ethical views on money and investing.

Thanks, GFF



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