Cashback Alert: £3 extra this weekend on TopCashBack just spend £10

When it comes to spending money, we all have to do it at sometime and cashback websites like TopCashBack and Quidco can save you lots.

Right now there is a promotion on TCB for £3 extra cashback, all you need to do it spend £10. Here’s how I take advantage of these flash offers and how you can save money too!

Note: Post contains affiliate links to sites where you save money and maybe help GFF out a bit.

As much as I don’t like spending money, spending money is part of life. You can’t avoid it and you are better off actually planning your spending rather than avoiding it altogether. That’s something I’ve learnt from being a parent; with the kids growing up fast, I know that my son will need new shoes every few months. There’s not much point in skimping on good quality shoes, so the last time we bought shoes they were on special – so we bought the size up as well. They are good quality shoes and we’ve spent £20 now that might save us spending £40 when he needs a new pair. That’s spending smart!

More generally, I’ve been using cashback websites for over 10 years and have saved a lot of money in that time. I use a mixture of Quidco, TopCashback and cycling American Express cards to get a good mix.

My thinking is that if you can save 10% on your purchases, that’s like getting an extra month’s pay every year. All it takes is a little preparation and planning. These cashback sites often have promotions to get you to use them. Sometimes it’s higher rates at vendors you like or sometimes just extra money. What GFF does is have a short list of things that we NEED to buy, but there’s no rush. It could be screen wash or deicer for the cars or some DIY things (for the toddler activity board) or just keeping a track of annual spends like car insurance. You don’t want to be in a position of looking to spend £20 to save £2.50 – that’s not the Frugal way.

Sex and spending money have a lot in common. If you schedule and plan to do it at a certain time and a certain way, it normaly puts you off doing it altogether. If you are prone to buying on impulse – waiting a few days before you open your wallet could be a good decision. Other ideas on that can be found in this great article by TSD.

This week I got an email from TCB saying that if I spend £10 I’d get an extra £3.00 cashback and one from Quidco saying if I spent £20 I’d get £2.50 extra. Only valid for the first 100,000 people – but if you are fast then you can make a nice bit of money.

£3 TCB
TopCashBack Easter promotion


So, quick as flash I pulled up my list of things to buy. I have a trip to London coming up and needed to get a few things. So I bought airport parking (£48.99 – pricey!), Heathrow Express ticket (£25 – pricey!), 2x train tickets (£24). In total the cost is about £100 and the cashback was £9 but I managed to pick up an extra £11 making about £20 in total. Ok, the company is paying you might think – but that’s a 20% reduction in cost which means you have 25% more spending power!

money pink coins pig
Look after the pennies and the piggy will look after the pounds

They’ve had a number of promotions like that in the run up to Christmas and I tried to take as much advantage as I could. If anyone needs some screen wash, I still have about 30 litres. I find that it’s great for consumable items that don’t vary much in price. The cashback for discretionary items like fashion, travel, entertainment tends to be higher but you also don’t really need to buy these things?

So, I’d say that you should give it a go today and sign up to Quidco and Topcashback and you’ll see that these flash promotions come up every so often. Be read to pounce! Always make sure you are getting the best deal, don’t buy what you don’t need and a little bit of planning goes a long way in the long run.

Good luck, GFF


  1. Thanks for flagging this offer but a shame there’s nothing I need to buy. My insurances (house and car) are up for renewal in a couple of months’ time, so hopefully, there will be a similar offer on!

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