Digital Detox update: Going Cold Turkey

Just a quick update on the whole digital detox thing that I’m doing for Lent.

Basically, no phone after 5pm on weeks days I’m not working and that sort of includes the weekend.

No wonder toddlers love boundaries and adults love having rule to follow.  If the rule says very simply “don’t your your phone after 5pm during the week” it’s easy to follow – just don’t use it.

Where that gets difficult is that I need my phone for work and sometimes work goes on in the evening.  I also took Monday morning off but still looked at my phone – which I shouldn’t have but it’s hard to not do – especially since I only decided on Sunday evening at 11pm (when I was writing emails for work) that I would take the time off.

Anyway, I’m found myself making excuses to look at my phone.  Even with the phone in a different room, I would find excuses to go and check it. By and large I ignored the urges but they were strong!!!

On the bright side, I am a lot more present in my every day family interactions.  I have had more smiles and giggles from the Little Lady than I’ve ever had before and it’s much more fun to be consistent “in the moment” with the Master.

Overall, 1 week down, it’s been a good choice and I hope that I don’t have my brain split in two like a cyborb-type phone carrying zombie (you know the type of person I’m on about – plugged into their phone at all times).

Thanks, GFF


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