How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Calm


stressed GFFAfter a cold, wet, windy and frustrating business trip to London last week, I got to come back home to my loving family.  And who doesn’t want to give a stinking, stressed and near psychotic Gentleman a great big hug?

I got to work from home on Friday which was a welcome relief and after following up on the actions from the week, updated my assets & spending for the month.  Things were looking good – it’s Friday afternoon, the fire is roaring away at home, work has died down.  Who care what the weather is like, I’m home and dry!

And the weekend went a lot like that.  We didn’t “go” anywhere – except a trip to the supermarket and walks into town/for coffee.  You can still have an adventure without going anywhere and do you know what, it felt really good.  To have nothing to do but to spend time with your family is a great feeling.

It’s coming up to our 6th wedding anniversary and 8th annivesary of being together.  In that time, a lot has changed.  Not for the worse I might add – but some of the very strong instincts that I once had (to get involved in things, being the life and soul of the party / drinking a lot and talking too much) are now much weaker.

muppets.jpgFor example, on Sunday we went for breakfast in a local cafĂ© (which is the most manageable meal you can have out with kids in tow) and after that we went a museum to see a Christmas Craft Market and they were showing a Muppet’s Christmas Carol (great movie!).  So far so good – the Little Master was well-behaved thorugout and the Little Lady slept or at least didn’t cry.  On the way back home, we passed a micro/craft brewery and at the Lady’s suggestion we popped in for a look around.

gueze choice.JPG

At the craft market there were people selling their beers and gins – but from experience and pickiness, we didn’t buy this time.  The tap room & bottle shop was packed with lots of great beers and I chose a great bottle of  Lindemans Cuvee Rene Oude Gueuze which I’ll drink at some point in the future – but it will keep for over 10 years! (We are still not drinking yet as the Little Lady is being breast-fed and you can’t really drink whilst being responsible for a child).

Anyway, in the tap room were a couple of midde-aged men – you might think of them as craft beer enthusiasts, but at what point does enthusiasm spill over into all-day drinking?  All nice enough and have a merry time of it in a cold December day in Scotland.  The tap room was great and it did feel like being in a good old-fashioned drinking den.

On walking home, the Lady and I were discussing how it would be nice to be able to go into a bar and get a drink.  How we could make that our normal way home (it’s nearby but definitely out of the way), how it could be great to do what we once did.  It’s just talk, we know that with two kids, you can either do everything together and do nothing or do things separately and one person can get pissed on a Friday night while the other stays with the kids.  We know people who do that and it seems to work.  But for us, I think that I prefer spending our time together and while it would be nice to drink more – I’m prepared to wait and to put family time ahead.  I’ve enough time eaten by work and business travel that I don’t really want spend any more away.  Family time is important.

So, we returned home and gave the Little Master his milk and he had his nap.  All was quiet at home and I felt happy – being officially middle-aged has it’s benefits: It means that having been there and done that, you don’t need to chase everything and to not care about what others think and keep up with friends socially.  When I hear that friends are going out to a pub on Saturday, I have no FOMO happy knowing I’ll be at home.  And that’s how I learned to stop worrying and love the calm.

Thanks,  GFF


  1. “It’s just talk, we know that with two kids, you can either do everything together and do nothing or do things separately and one person can get pissed on a Friday night while the other stays with the kids.”

    Lol! So true.

    When is “officially middle aged”?


  2. My favourite weekends are where I don’t go anywhere and am in my pyjamas most of the day! I’m happy with my social life, but like you say, having been there and done that when I was younger, there’s no need for me to be out at the pub every weekend!


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