Back to work

Quick post:

So after 4 weeks off on paternity leave and annual leave, I’m back in work!!!  WOO HOO!

I can now properly call this blog Gentleman’s Family Finances after the safe arrival our our baby Daughter (the Little Lady / LL as I’ll call her).  She’s now over a month old and changing fast.  She is healthy and my wife (the Lady) is in great health.  And it’s not great being back in work and I wish I was at home and not here!  But at least I get the chance to update my blog. 🙂

So, because the government thinks that 2 weeks off work is more than enough to be a father and after 2 weeks of annual leave (what could have been a summer holiday), I am back in work.

Work is a strange place.  I work in an office and seemingly we all do a small part of a larger effort and work together to accomplish great things.  That’s what you might think.  But I see that although we might be doing ok as a company, the employees are by and large miserable wrecks or sadly consigned to their fate as cubicle concubines – slaving away through a sea of bullshit.

I’ll go as far as to say – on the record – that it was better to spend 4 weeks away from the office and together as a family than to be in work for that same amount of time.

I’m not sure how much longer I can put up with this.  But I reckon I have it easy.  A nice white collar job, reasonable degree of freedom in my job and the ability to work from home when I like – not bad.  Sure, there are compromises but where isn’t there?

But what struck me while I was away from the office, how I became less stressed, calmer and overall happier.  And since I’ve returned, I’ve felt a fireball of stress in my chest and a mountain of worries giving me wrinkles!  Work just ain’t working.

From a family perspective, I can see that spending time now with my kids is very very valuable.  I’ve been reading some books recently including two books that have greatly shaped my views (I’m very easily persuaded).

One is on Bullshit Jobs by Dan Graeber and it says that a lot of jobs are bullshit and doing a bullshit job is bad for you and will ultimately make you feel hollow, empty inside and miserable.  Just so you know, I think that 30% of my job is bullshit.  It’s a great book and makes me think that I could be doing something different with my life that benefits others.


The other is called the Danish Way of Parenting.  I thought that sitting around and eating pastries was about it – but there’s actually a lot more and I think that it mirrors a lot about what we’ve done with our son (the Master/M) to date but he’s only 2 and there’s a long road ahead of us.

Parenting in the UK is not easy and my view is that FIRE would give me the chance to be a better parent.  The book may be a little fanciful but I’m a great fan of Scandanavia and you have to wonder about the education system in the UK and how we are raising our children.  Hell, in the last 4 weeks, we even considered home schooling our kids in the future to avoid the education system here!


Anyway, that’s about it for now,  I’m not so good I think at expressing myself.  I had a great 4 weeks off work and being back at work shows a great contrast between life and work.

Thanks, GFF


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