Last Post

This is my last post before becoming a Dad for the second time, so I wanted to share some thoughts

So far, the Lady – my wonderful wife and great mother is doing well and despite having a giant baby inside her, is coping very well.  I’m in work now trying to get everything finished off for the 4 week break (2 week statutory and 2 weeks annual leave) that I have.

Not having enough time is a great way to prioritise and work on what is truly important.  So this post is not about how to save assets and spending or how to be save a bit of money here and there.  There are more important things in life and for me that is spending time “in the moment” which would mean that I should not spend all my evenings thinking about work and all my weekends thinking about the economy and all my holidays thinking about FIRE.  I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful family and through hard work and investing wisely, I am in the position that I could FIRE-early next year.  Whether that happens or not right now is a decision for the future and it’s maybe more important to think about how to live my life now rather than speculate about the future me – because the future is now.

I notice that when I think about my son and things that he says or does – I get a great big smile on my face – it happened today on the way to work whilst driving.  Does anyone get that same feeling from thinking about their ISA?  I don’t think so.

For the next month, I will not be around much but I’ve a few scheduled posts that will come out.  I wanted to do more but I over-estimated how much the rest of life – work, family, house, children… would get in the way.  I’m also not perfect at starting writing something and writing well enough that my point still makes sense and it’s a good read.  Blog post writing isn’t easy.

I’m much better at puppet show with my son – he’s Ducky and I’m Froggy, Owly and more recently Tiger – who has a fondness for tea & cake, baby ribs and hates the bath!

So, what is easy is being a Dad – you just need to do it – so I’ll be focusing on that for a while.  I’ll put my phone into quarantine and focus instead on just being there for my wife and my son and future daughter and doing me best with that.

Fewer distractions and more focus on the moment.  The next couple of days will not be easy but my hope is that we’ll get through it together and come out with two happy kids and a healthy mother and one dad with a giant smile on his face and a new baby in his arms.

Thanks, GFF


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