Month End: October ’18 – assets and spending

Another month is over and I’ve had a few minutes on a Sunday morning to work out how things have gone for the month.  Things are looking ok but could do better.

Spending totaled around £4400 – of which:

30% was childcare (reduced due to fewer hours now that the Lady is on Maternity leave)

20% was household costs and car depreciation

50% was spending which included some one offs for the room that we rented out on Airbnb (as told here and here and here) and was helped by some good cashback money which came through and some selling on ebay.

Savings rate was just over 40% which is good considering what’s been going on with the arrival of the new baby (imminently!!!)

Our net assets grew to from 86.6% of our target to 87.1% which was good considering the market turmoil going on.  I even managed to invest more in my ISA at low prices and this ETF is now 4% higher since I topped up – but remember it’s time in the market not timing the market.

Annual increase in networth was 15%.

Annual increase in networth less income was 2.5% (-4% would be a SWR of 4% – so I’m in positive territory)

Annual increase in networth less income and spending was 8.6% (essentially my investment return)


ouse pirnce.JPG

On our family finances, the house has gained in value by about 8% in the last few months which is news but – I don’t see us selling for the time being and it’s no guarantee that it would sell for more than we paid for it – hoping House Price Inflation will save your FIREd ass is a risky strategy!

Dividends from non-pension assets were around £1300 this month with a 6 month average of £1500.  This figure should increase over the next 6 months as I get some seasonal dividends/returns and get more from dividend paying ETFs in my ISAs.

On a separate note, our SIPPs paid over £1300 in dividends this month – which is HUGE! especially considering not all of the ETFs pay dividends.  That is the largest amount to date and the first time it’s been over £1000.

My FIRE assets which is all assets less all pensions, the house and including the mortgage/debt increased to £183k.  I am not sure how useful a measure it is but the upward trend is welcome.

Finally, I that with the high spending on the credit card, that I would try a bit of stoozing again – so I was paid £21 by Topcashback to get a credit card which improves cash flow and costs less than the mortgage – it’s a funny world we live in!  A referral link is here and I think you can get £15 is you sign up.  It’s worked for me!

Thanks, GFF


6 thoughts on “Month End: October ’18 – assets and spending

  1. I was looking for baby news – not yet then?

    Agree it’s been such a bumpy market lately, we just need to hold our nerve and keep on investing.

    And cool you are in an area where property prices are going up – we have the opposite in London and we are now going down a bit.

    PS – dropped you a slack invite, please feel free to join us.


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