One week to go!

If it appears that Gentleman’s Family Finance has been a bit quiet recently, it’s because we are now around a week away from the due date of the latest arrival to the family, hopefully a healthy, happy baby Girl.

It’s a busy and exciting time and now we have a strange feeling of calm (before the storm!), although the my Lady wife has been busy getting everything ready.  We’ve got boxes and boxes of this and that – children when born don’t take up much space – but like any well marketed toy, there’s always loads of attachments, addons and accessories.  You quite simply can’t have enough – and then when they out grow them you put them in boxes and put those boxes in the attic and I had to go up there this week and fetch them and got covered in cobwebs and didn’t like it one bit!

Unlike before the little Master came along, when we spent a lot of weekends trawling baby markets buying everything we thought we needed (possibly too much at good prices); this time we have not bought too much at all – given that we have it already.

The funny thing is that the Little Lady (we are told but not promised it is a girl) is totally cocooned in the womb at this moment in time and blissfully unaware of what’s in the outside world.  It makes me think about the type of family life we’ll have together and how my working impacts on her and the Master.  Love seems to be a constant with kids – all parents love them (until they become teenagers) but attention and care are traded off for distractions (like smartphone & TV watching) and Money is a big Trade-off too.  You need to earn money to live in and you neglect your kids to a lesser or greater extent – so you buy them big presents to make them (and you) feel better about it all.  I don’t want to end up in that cycle!

The Master is almost 2 now and it’s funny how he changes day to day.  I’m seeing how his vocabulary is expanding greatly and he’s able to do so many things and understand so much!  For example, he now knows every word in most of his books – and he has over 100 books! He’s amazing and spending time away from him is not nice for me plus I think he benefits when his parents are around more.

Having children and treating them and raising them right is a very important job.  I often joke that being a father is the “most important job in the world*”. And I mean it, it is for me anyway.  If I leave a task unfinished at work, who really cares?  But if you are responsible for the health and safety as well as nourishment, development, care and love for a child – you can’t half ass it.

So, don’t expect too much from me that’s fresh and new over the next few weeks.  I hope to put out a month end report for September and whilst I’m away on Paternity and Annual Leave, I have scheduled a couple of posts to come out – I hope that they spark some interest and make people think a little.

Thanks, GFF


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