AirBnB part 3

Just a quick update on our AirBnB antics – but first let me set the scene:

The Lady and Master (wife and kid) are upstairs and I’m using the toilet when suddenly the doorbell rings – DING DONG

Now, I’m the sort of person who think that he should open the door instead of his wife in case it’s a murderer (unlikely) or someone looking for money or you to join their church.

Anyway, I quickly exit the toilet (after flushing & washing hands) to open the front door expecting to find a neighbour or panhandler.  Instead it is two Italian girls who have apparently automatically booked our Front Room/AirBnB room for 3 nights without my knowledge!

How could this happen I hear you ask?  Well, airbnb has a handy setting that let’s people automatically book without your full knowledge or agreement.  Handy for you if you run it as a business but not so great if it is your home and you may not be 100% happy with hosting someone at random.

I’d actually deliberately left my phone in the car to get a bit of a break from it.  I’ve done it before a few times and it’s good to focus without the temptation of distraction.  What I didn’t see however was that at 18:03 they booked and at 18:45 they arrived at my doorstep!

I’ve since turned off the automatic booking after a Spanish guy wanted to stay with us for a FULL WEEK over New Year’s / Hogmanay.  It’s a very dangerous setting and puts me off AirBnB.

Anyway, I’m a good host and they were delightful to have as guests – even if they did drink all the juice which annoyed the Lady.  We even offered them to stay another night since they had nowhere to go – and it was hard to see them leave when they left because they are staying in the city for 2 months and had trouble getting accommodation for that period.  We charged reasonable prices given that there is a lot going on at the moment.

We now have another guest who is staying for 4 nights – bring the total guests to 3; two Frenchies (2 nights), two Italians (4 nights) and one Yank(4 nights).  In total we’ve received over £350 from AirBnb/them for the minor inconvenience and I think that this is a great way to make FI a reality.  It might only be seasonal though since we live in a university city and this is the start of term time but if we can make £300 a month, that is equivalent to £90,000 in assets – either in a FTSE100 tracker or on a 4% SWR.  Not bad I say.

So, any thoughts on families going on AirBnB?  Have you stayed with a family (with small kids) before and loved/hated it?

Thanks, GFF


  1. That’s so hilarious! Pretty nervewrecking to know somebody could just show up at your door anytime 😀 We’ve been thinking of setting up an AirBnB here in Cairo in a spare flat of ours, but hesitant because the flat needs so much remodeling.


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