Family (activity) Planning

Here is a picture of the Gentleman’s Family straight from the family album – the boys are the ones with a scrotum for chins.    You should take family planning seriously! 

Ok – hopefully liked the graphic.  But this is just a short message about a small investment that I made last night.  I’m an investment because it will hopefully offset future expenditure and leave us cash positive over a year.

So what is investment I hear you ask?

Well, I signed the Family up for a year’s pass to Edinburgh Zoo!

The cost was £112 and that includes a car parking pass.  The reason for buying it is that we wanted to go this weekend to the Zoo but like many things in life – if you plan ahead you can save money.  Living life by the seat of your pants may sound like fun – but it can hurt your bank balance and you pay for convenience in most areas of life.

A ticket for two people to on the say for Edinburgh Zoo is £38!  Under 3’s go free which is good.  But if you book in advance you can get the tickets for just £35 – ok, not much cheaper but you save £3 (enough for a sandwich in the overpriced café maybe).  Parking is an extra £4, so you are looking at around £40 a visit if you plan ahead.

With an annual pass, we can go 3 times and break even.  The little Master is getting to the stage where he will benefit from seeing different animals and Edinburgh Zoo has a good reputation as somewhere to go.  The Master is coming up to 2 years old and need to learn that animals are not found either in books or on plates.

We’ve been to open farms before like the one in Edinburgh but I’m not sure I agree with the ethics of zoos – but I’m not an ideologue so, why not?  It even has Pandas if you care about them (I’m not fussed myself).  We can also use the Edinburgh Zoo as free parking when we visit Edinburgh and take the bus into town (not free).  Remember if you are paying for parking you are proving that you are taking your car where it is not wanted.

The annual pass also gets your access to other Zoos including Dublin, Belfast & Chester – places we plan to visit next year.  And also the Highland Wildlife Park which we might go to next year on a highland road trip.  Also some other places like; Bristol, Colchester, Curragh’s Wildlife Park, Fota Wildlife Park, Living Coasts*, Marwell*, Newquay*, Paignton*, Rotterdam and Twycross (*One visit per year).

Anyway, I reckon that we can get maybe 3-5 trips to Edinburgh Zoo within the next year without it getting boring.  And 3 or more other trips.  That’s around 8 trips for £112 which is £7 per adult per visit – not a bad price overall.

I know that this is a bit of a luxury – but I think that we’ll blast through the Zoos this year and next year – go National Trust crazy!  It might end up being a decent enough investment and gives us some great things to do together as a family and a chance to meet up with friends in Edinburgh for a day out.

Thanks, GFF


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