Like a marksman waits till the right moment to make his kill, so too does the Gentleman for FIRE.

Where am I now?  Thinking that a cool graphic would look good right now.  Something like this – who cares what Stuern actually means?  It’s a nice graphic – just like this better one. 🙂

silver round coin
Photo by Pixabay on

But hey, right now I’m just getting ready, building the funds and developing the Cashflow / Dividends that I’ll need to survive Early Retirement.

In terms of Ready, I’m about 85% of the way there financially but that maybe oversells our preparedness.  Much more is needed.

One major focus is on building up a reliable dividend base.  That mean:

  1. buy dividend producing ETFs
  2. sell high fee or non-div assets
  3. invest wisely from a tax point of view
  4. reduce spending in time to match dividend payments

The Aim part is thinking about what we’ll do as a family, where will we go, what do we need (or not need) and what we’ll do on a Wednesday afternoon when it’s raining).

FIRE is pulling the trigger, but we’ve got to be prepared and focused when it comes to that point.




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