Thank you:1000+ views and 250+ viewers!

After only just 3 weeks, over 250 people have stopped by to check GFF out!  Thanks everyone!

I don’t know exactly what you’ve made of the blog.  There are so many great blogs out there and people that are investing so much energy into creating amazing content.  By comparison, I think that my offering is modest.

So having more and more people coming by every day is very encouraging.  I hope to keep up the good work and keep you all entertained with some more articles in the near future.  For now, the main focus is on the Family and with the Lady due to give birth in less than 8 weeks(!!!) I need to put the family first and blog second for a bit.

Thanks again and keep reading and I’ll keep writing.


Update: I’m amazed that after 1 month of blogging I’ve had over 1500 view and over 350 viewers.  I’m still trying to find me way, work out my writing style and what works, what’s interesting and what I’m passionate about.

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