The 40 quid brunch!

How much would you pay for unlimited brunch?  Well, the answer is £40 in London and I still can’t believe my eyes.

I was down in the big smoke for the day for work.  I flew from Edinburgh airport with BA and took the Heathrow Express into town.

Have you ever been on a plane and read through the airport information (I think in Easyjet) and they tell you that for Aberdeen the bus costs £3.20, for Barcelona the Metro is €2.30, Edinburgh £4.00, Krakow 4 Zloty, Amsterdam €4.50, Paris €10 and Zagreb 35 Kuna(about a fiver).

Well – they must exist in a different world from London – because I paid* £37 for a return ticket from Heathrow to London Paddington.  It must be one of the most expensive journeys from an airport to a city anywhere in the world.

*well the company was paying and if you are buying a ticket you can get 12% topcashback cashback on it.

I find London a funny place.  You get houses that are worth £1,000,000 with people getting housing benefit living in for free and young people renting a room in Zone X for £800 a month.  You can spend £1.50 on a coffee in one place and down the road pay 3 times that.  And on the roads you see Fords next to Ferarris.

But one thing that really took my breath away was an all you can eat brunch for the bargain price of £39.50 per person- including unlimited prosecco.  I just couldn’t believe that this is a price that someone would think represents good value for money.  I suppose if your friends are going, then you’d feel socially compelled to attend as well – maybe you have rich friends?

Beany Bargains in London

Just to be clear, the Gentleman only had water at this café and I have a strict no alcohol before 6pm rule.

This brunch was in a place called Beany Green and this is at the back of Paddington Station in a new development by REIT British Land called Paddington Central. It’s an amazing spectacle and it would be amazing to work in one of the offices there.

There’s so much more to write about London – it’s the best and worst of the UK and the World wrapped up into one.  I don’t think it’s somewhere I would like to live and work – although it’s great for a visit with lots of things to do for the whole family.  My experiences of London are coloured by my trips for work and for pleasure over the years.  I maybe regret not moving to London when I graduated because a £125k flat would be worth about £500k now and that would put me well on the way to early retirement – or maybe be there already.

But I suspect that many who have moved to London more recently won’t see these huge house price increases and the wealth that can come from leveraging your money and gambling on house price inflation and hopefully future pay rises.  I also suspect that if you have a 40 quid brunch once a week you’ll end up breaking even in London and never able to escape the rat race.


So, if you happen to have a couple of hours spare between flights in Heathrow, why not jump on the Heathrow Express and sip Prosecco Mimosas all morning at Beany Green – the experience will only set you back £76.50 and you can do it all in under 3 hours!


  1. Hey there GFF!

    I like your point about a coffee costing £1.50 in one place and three times that around the corner. It’s similar to how you could have taken the Piccadilly line instead of the Heathrow Express for less than a tenner. There’s so much free entertainment in London, but you can also choose to spend a lot on keeping entertained.

    The people in my cohort who when straight from university to London took a lot longer to by their first places – even with the higher wages the rent for a fairly crummy room slowed down the deposit saving. It took me by surprise when I realised I was paying less for my mortgage and all the bills than they were for a single room.

    Looking forward to reading more.

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  2. You forgot the 12.5% service charge I am sure BG will slap on top of that! 🙂

    Living in Zone1 massively impacts our savings rate, everything is pricey, i dream of buying a 600k 2BR flat. BUT we are only temporarily in the UK (ILR in April) and being able to walk to work helps our mental health quite a bit. When kids come along I guess we will have to move outwards in search of cheaper rents.


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