Family Weekend: Crabs, berries and baby market

What a fun weekend for the Family.

I think that part of working hard during the week is to make sure that the weekend is free to unwind, relax and spend time together as a family.  Sure, work thoughts do creep into my head (but I wish they wouldn’t) but it’s very important to me that I leave work at work as much as possible.

We’ve eaten out a few times recently, including when we were on holiday in Croatia, mini-breaks in London and Glasgow and a few times recently for celebrations.  So, I’ve been thinking of what foods I really enjoy and trying to do them myself and on Friday I bought a kilo of crab claws for dinner.  I love crab and the claws are best bit of all, but I’ve never bought any and I wanted to change that!  For those of you who have not tried crab – make it one of the things you should do soon!


Half the fun of crab claws is get a hammer and smashing them to pieces.  The other half is eating.  And these were tasty crabs.  It’s easy to get the meat but I imagine there’s technique and practice

I love seafood and it’s my favourite food and type of restaurant.  But so much can be done at home – so this was a delicious way to save money (I’ve paid £7.95 in a restaurant for 2 claws in the past, and we had about 8 – so fine dining on the cheap.

On Saturday we went to a nearby farm that has pick your own fruit and a great playground for kids.  The playground is free, and you choose how many berries you pay for (and how many you eat).

Since it was a sunny day, during the holiday and free, you can imagine how busy it was.  With lots of kids comes lots of stress but the little Master was very well behaved, even when some bad boy came and stole his spade in the sand pit.

For a day out with kids, this is a great thing to do.  Watching the Master pick a berry off a bush and eat it was a great experience and berries are really good for you.  So everyone is a winner!  You should even go if you don’t have kids!


On Sunday we went to a baby market in Edinburgh.  Here you find a microcosm of modern Scotland, jostling for second hand baby clothes, books and toys you have Teuchters, Townies, Poles, Spaniards, gluten-free Hipsters and the well-heeled Edinburgers.  It’s funny that the best way to differentiate between the different ingredients in the mixing pot is not by age, race, class or ethnicity but by how old and how many kids they have or when are they due.  Everything else is largely irrelevant.

It’s a hoot going there – it’s packed full of people, stalls and things for sale.  If you have kids, you’ll know that there is a lot you need.

But humans are wasteful; we are seduced by the latest gizmo for kids, especially if it is good for their “development”* or safety   But the people who buy these things new get bored of them or their kids outgrown them so there’s a huge demand not only to buy second hand things – like prams – but to get rid of them.  Look at that picture – piles of grams that cost hundreds of pounds new, now they’ll take whatever price they can get.  So, there’s bargains to be had – especially if like the Gentleman, you wait till the crowds die down.  Sellers get desperate and you can pick up what you want for a fraction of what the RRP is.  The markets are also good for practicing negotiation and haggling – not really a great British pastime, but invaluable in life.


We picked up some great books for the Master, some clothes, a stair gate for our very wide stairs and a Tea Set for whenever a tiger may decide to visit.  After the market we spent the day in and around Edinburgh, including a museum and meeting up with friends.  We had a yummo dinner in IKEA (who doesn’t like meatballs?).  Edinburgh is a wonderful place and it would be great to live there – well worth a visit if you have never been.

Overall, a great weekend with some great experiences and memories.

*Most of the books we buy – and the Master loves books – are barely read, or well cared for.  Often we find books for sale that the Scottish government gives to kids for free that have never even been opened, let alone read.  How sad is that?


  1. Wow that’s a lot of second hand baby stuff for sale! Yes, I think as parents you want the best for your kid and then you get seduced by all these toys promising that your baby will be the next baby einstein! It’s overwhelming when I go to Toys R Us (A toy chain in North America, not sure if they have it in the UK).


    • we have Toys R Us too – we’ve never been in it, although I know exactly what you mean. I joke a bit that all toys and especially baby groups say that they “help their development” and if you don’t buy/go/pay that you are condemning them to an undeveloped brain and future mediocrity.
      The best thing would be to save you money and spend time with your kids instead. 🙂


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