Month End Accounts: Spending July 2018

person holding black and grey pen

July was an expensive month for the Gentleman’s Family Finances.  A large credit card bill, an expensive wood burning stove bought and installed (costing over £2000 in total) and the usual high costs for childcare.

Overall, we spent over £5500 – that’s a lot, too much certainly but in line with what was budgeted for the month:

  • Childcare costs = £1,744 – steep I know!
  • Car Depreciation = £158
  • Household Expenses = £623
  • Mortgage Interest = £232
  • General Spending = £2819
  • Total = £5,575 (less childcare = £3831)
  • 6 Month average = £5095 (less childcare = £3398)

The general spending included credit card payments for car servicing (around £500), holidays/travel (£800).  Current account spending included mainly the stove fitting fee.

I’m not happy with the level of spending but the stove is worth it (as I’ll say in an upcoming post) and our travel plans are soon to be no more once the Little Lady comes along in the Autumn.  The plan for an on-target spend of £36,000 (not including childcare) is on track for the year.

One slight silver lining is that some of my Quidco and TopCashBack discounts have been paid out or are coming along.  Included was £80 for swapping broadband earlier this year which was initially declined but I did the work and complained and got the £80 paid (eventually).  Also some payments from eBay for selling some junk!  Not much maybe but it feels good to make some money that way.


  1. Just started reading the blog today. Enjoying already. I’ve read a number of FIRE blogs but i’m enjoying your tone.

    How does your spending coincide with your earnings? Furthermore, how does all this coincide with your savings rates? It would be great to see all this side by side so it’s easy to understand how things are working out for you.

    Childcare seems crazily high for one child. Is it just an expensive region/nursery or do you work considerable hours where you need additional help outside of the normal working day?

    Really good blog and thanks for writing this!



    • Thanks for dropping by – It’s nice to think that you found it an interesting read. My GCSE English teacher never said that I’d grow up to write a success well-toned blog – so I’m plagued by doubts about my own literary skills. 🙂

      Spending at the moment is a bit out of control. We have a Nanny for a variety of reasons and the nanny is very expensive (but worth it). I don’t expect much sympathy from anyone – but I would say that full time nursery + two PCP luxury his and hers cars works out about the same. It’s a conscious decision to invest in the Little Master’s development to keep us both working.

      On spending vs. earnings – I’ll share a graph or two in coming posts. Saving rates vary significantly but we’ve consistently saved money each month (on average) and invested the difference (what else can you do? spend it?)


  2. Thank you for the clarification 🙂 It was more of an observation than anything else. I was thinking ‘wow super expensive childcare’. I would say your average spending does feel quite high however if you are 13 months away from FIRE at the age of 36 it’s not really an issue for you right now! Far better position than I am in although i’m also on the journey.

    I really love the blog and will continue to read.




    • Glad you enjoyed reading.
      the childcare is a massive expense but (hopefully) money well spent. FIRE is put at risk a bit by having too much money in pensions vs. what I can SWR now – but I will cross that bridge when we come to it.
      I have been meaning to write about it, along the lines of the 4 pot pension plan.


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