The Journey Begins

The Gentleman’s Family

Thanks for joining us!

I can’t really say that this blog which I started in July 2018 on my 36th birthday is the start of our journey towards Financial Independence, but it’s a start in sharing with the world. our journey.  I’ve been long impressed with other FIRE blogs and I wondered if I could write my own one.

I don’t expect to change any minds, turn that many heads or melt any hearts but I do want to have a go at some creative writing – and if I can share the thoughts in my head with the world and find a few kindred spirits, that’ll be enough for me.

The journey towards FI has been a long one for me already.  I have been saving money since I started work and trying to invest as well as possible over the years.  I wanted to have money to give me the freedom that I saw so many older colleagues lacking when I joined the workforce.  And I wanted to have that freedom while I was still young enough to enjoy it.

Don’t you think that retirement is wasted on the old?

After over 12 years in work, I’ve managed to save somewhere towards FI – the big difference now is that I have a family – soon to be 2 kids changes things a bit.  I don’t know of many other bloggers who have a family and I thought it might be nice to have this as a perspective.

My family is very important to me and I am torn between wanting to provide for the Gentleman’s Family and in working hard to ensure that there’s food on the table and gas in the tank.  We are a close family, a little isolated where we live from our friends and family and I think that we are natural outsiders.  Being an outsider is not a good thing normally, but if it means you can escape the keeping up with Jones’ lifestyle and choose the life that you want – then it’s a good thing.

FIRE is a bit like that, it’s a bit like being an outsider, ultimately a dropout,a radicle, a renegrade, a maverick, a bohemian – defining life for themselves and not by how who others define you.

That’s us – a Gentleman’s Family and a blog about out Finances and Life.  Thanks for taking the time to read.


  1. Congratulations on your wife’s citizenship, very interesting and balanced read, sorry that the UK has become so unwelcoming. Best wishes for the future.



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