The Journey Begins

The Gentleman’s Family

Thanks for joining us!

I can’t really say that this blog which I started in July 2018 on my 36th birthday is the start of our journey towards Financial Independence, but it’s a start in sharing with the world. our journey.  I’ve been long impressed with other FIRE blogs and I wondered if I could write my own one.

I don’t expect to change any minds, turn that many heads or melt any hearts but I do want to have a go at some creative writing – and if I can share the thoughts in my head with the world and find a few kindred spirits, that’ll be enough for me.

The journey towards FI has been a long one for me already.  I have been saving money since I started work and trying to invest as well as possible over the years.  I wanted to have money to give me the freedom that I saw so many older colleagues lacking when I joined the workforce.  And I wanted to have that freedom while I was still young enough to enjoy it.

Don’t you think that retirement is wasted on the old?

After over 12 years in work, I’ve managed to save somewhere towards FI – the big difference now is that I have a family – soon to be 2 kids changes things a bit.  I don’t know of many other bloggers who have a family and I thought it might be nice to have this as a perspective.

My family is very important to me and I am torn between wanting to provide for the Gentleman’s Family and in working hard to ensure that there’s food on the table and gas in the tank.  We are a close family, a little isolated where we live from our friends and family and I think that we are natural outsiders.  Being an outsider is not a good thing normally, but if it means you can escape the keeping up with Jones’ lifestyle and choose the life that you want – then it’s a good thing.

FIRE is a bit like that, it’s a bit like being an outsider, ultimately a dropout,a radicle, a renegrade, a maverick, a bohemian – defining life for themselves and not by how who others define you.

That’s us – a Gentleman’s Family and a blog about out Finances and Life.  Thanks for taking the time to read.


3 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Congratulations on your wife’s citizenship, very interesting and balanced read, sorry that the UK has become so unwelcoming. Best wishes for the future.



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