Introduction to the Gentleman, the Family and the Finances

After a bit of thought, I have decided to start writing my own blog.  The main reason for doing so is that Mr RIT the excellent FI blogger that I’ve been reading (on and off) for over 10 years is at the next stage in his journey to FIRE and I thought there might be a gap in the market.

Mr RIT also doesn’t mention his children (and remains vague about their very existence at all!) and there’s not a great deal of FIRE blogs about people on the journey with children.  I also think that I might have something to share with the world and the act of writing is cathartic in itself.

So, introducing the Gentleman’s Family; which seems like a grand title but I’ve called it that because my wife and I have a son and a daughter on the way.  A son then a daughter is called a gentleman’s family and it was the outcome that my wife and I were hoping for when we started a family – although you don’t have much control over these things.

The new baby is due this Autumn and it’s brought it home to me how important spending time with the family should be in your life and how FIRE is one way to achieve it.

For simplicity, the family members will be:

  1. Gentleman (G or me)
  2. Lady (L)
  3. Master (M)
  4. Little Lady (LL)

The Lady and I are both in our mid-thirties and the Master is around 2 years old.  We went from DINKIES to a family around 2 years ago which coincided with a change in job and a move to an down on its luck but fashionable Scottish city.

Without giving too much away, I work in business services and my wife works in professional services.  My job involves a bit of travel at the moment (around 30% of my time or about a hundred days away from home a year.  That’s not a good recipe for a happy family life – and my hope is that FIRE will help change that.

That’s all for now – stay tuned for the more

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